Rural Tourism

Rural Tourism

Escape the hustle and bustle from the city and stomp into the beauty and tranquility of the countryside destination with Rose Travel. You are laughing as a hopeful partner in having an unfailing life in the heart of nature. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a calm rural home, an authentic farmer’s life or an adventure trip from afar, landscapes, no worries, we will create a perfect rural home for you.

Why would you choose Rose Travel for Rural Tourism?

Authentic Rural Experience

We are hiring is shown in the truth of the essence of the rural belly. Our carefully selected destinations will offer you a look at local traditions, cultural heritage and beauty in untouched landscapes. Soak up the charm of the village community, interact with the locals and enjoy traditional cuisine for an authentic and enriching experience.

Variety from Activity

We offer a variety of activities, which satisfy all interests and preferences. Regardless of the value given to a lover of nature, adventurers or adorers of culture living, the imam has nothing for everyone. Enjoy walking and cycling trails, horseback riding, bird watching, farm visits, wine tasting and much more. We will make some personalized itinerary planning, for all oshiguri perfect combination of relaxation, exploration and interaction with the local rural environment.

Pick up the Insistence

Let’s analyze the importance of the convenience and uniqueness of insisting on time for your rural home improvement. At the same time, we carefully select charming hospitable houses, cozy houses and traditional farmhouses, which merge perfectly with the rural environment. Experience the warmth of hospitality, rural charm and opportunity, and get in touch with nature directly from your country.

Корпоративни събития

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