In the “Rose Travel” varvam, every time you have a holiday, and if you live exceptionally, remember the special ones. Dreaming of a relaxing vacation on the beach, an adventurous trip to the city or a cultural trip from an exciting city, no worries, let’s turn your dream trips into reality.

Why would you choose Rose Travel for the Holidays?

Personalize Holiday Packages

Understand that every traveler is unique and specialize in personalizing holiday packages to suit your preferences. Our holidays consultants are working close to you, and they will work out a plan for the route, reflecting your interest, osigurevayki, every moment of your holiday is meaningful and enjoyable.

Expand Knowledge for Destinations

With our deep knowledge for various destinations, we can and offer experts to eat and drink, for us we will help and choose the ideal place for the holiday. Regardless of whether you are visiting a tropical paradise, historically charming or adventurous adventures from outside the traditional world, we will provide you with detailed information and advice from a foreign source, so send an informed choice.

Exclusively Insist On

We select very carefully find-kind of insistence, for yes, we guarantee that yours is easy and comfortable and irresistible. From the luxury of the resort to the cosiness of the boutiques, we will work together with the trust of partners, and for that we will offer our guests a choice from the possibilities, discouraging different preferences and budgets.

Корпоративни събития

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