In “Rose Travel” we analyze what is skewed into perfection, but it has a significant meaning for irrevocably and pleasantly torturing. Regardless of whether you gave a tuvat for business or for rest, we are striving and osigurim exclusively hotel-like insistence, which will dissuade you from your needs and preferences.

Why would you choose to go to Rose Travel?

Extensive selection from Hotel

They made up a wide range of din from wanted, from luxury resorts to boutique establishments, guarantees, what imam is the perfect solution for every kind of traveler. Our collection included a privileged location that offers convenient access to popular luxury, business quarters and cultural monuments.

Comfort and Quality

Vsichko, something is correct, your convenience and satisfaction are soaked. If you want, for some time, they will dissuade you from high standards for quality, guarantees, more than that you can enjoy at a calm place with excellent amenities and attentive service. Relax in the well-equipped flock, stay in the spa and wellness center and enjoy the delicious cuisine in our partnership.

Personalized Service

Our dedicated crew from a lot of experts strive to provide you with personalized service, something that will make you feel better. No worries, we will help you with any special requests, whether it was organizing transfers from a flight, arguing for local security, or providing information on a relative to a destination. Your satisfaction is our main hedge.

Корпоративни събития

Ako didn’t open the door here, my brother-in-law, or tarseniya, I wanted from you, asking you to sack us for more offers!
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